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Residential apartment window repairs in cardiffNo matter what height its at, we have specialised processes and safety procedures to tackle the most demanding repairs. Even on really old installations of steel and aluminium windows. Recently we have repaired windows for the MOD in Bristol and at the Royal Mint in Llantrisant. Also pictured, we have scaled the heights of residential apartments in Cardiff for the facilities management company working on behalf of the landlord.

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We are specialist’s in the Supply and maintenance of all PVCu and Aluminium and windows and doors
and conservatories. We also repair timber and steel windows and doors.
We now cover all of South West and Mid Wales for Replacement Glass, door hinges handles, misty/failed glass, patio rollers, Friction hinges, door panels, door/window locks. We can adjust, maintain, service, repair or renew completely. We were established in 1987 and are proud to have been in business for over 25 years. We have highly trained service engineers with over 30 years experience in the installation and maintenance of Pvcu and aluminium windows doors and conservatories.

We are garrison main dealers and supply the Mul-T-Lock Break Secure cylinders to guard against the new form of door entry “Barrel Attack”. We can upgrade and repair most locks on any door/window. We can upgrade conservatory roofs using polycarbonate, or the latest high spec Conservatory roof glass, which as heat reflection and self cleaning properties.

We supply and fit most parts including Yale, Roto, Wms, Saracen, Mila, Wink Haus, Maco, Ucem, Fullex, Gu, Era, Fuhr, Hoppe, Avocet, coldseal, Ferco, Fullex, Kenrick, Sentrilock, Sigenia, Aubi, Avc, Tongue, Abt, Kfv-As, Abt, Ucem, Millenco, Lockmaster, Ferco Tripact, Gu-Europa, Gu-Ferco, Maco, Mila Trinity,
We fit many parts such as Shoot bolt locks, Cockspur Handles, Tilt and Turn Handles, Friction Hinges, Barrel Hinges, Flag Hinges, letterboxes,
Euro cylinders, Sash lock, Sash Jammer, Fire escape hinges, Egress Hinges,

We have clients both large and small in fact from Mrs Jones down the road to Large contracts for Cardiff Wales Airport. We work for many local councils, schools, Facility management companies Etc.

We have also carried out repairs to Cardiff Airport, Newport passport office, Price Jones Newtown, St David’s Assembly in Haverford west and many other companies. We know our standards are the highest available and mainly work from repeat work or recommendations.

Company Statement

  1. We have been in business for over 25 years
  2. We are a WHICH Trusted Trader
  3. We aim to offer an exceptionally high service which is the envy of many.
  4. We use quality products and skilled personnel to deliver the correct result.
  5. We always endeavour to go the extra mile.
  6. We treat employees fairly and work around them where possible so they may engage in family and social activities.
  7. We treat all customers and their homes with total respect.
  8. We never discriminate for reasons of race, religion or colour.
  9. We always listen to customers and take seriously all comments no matter what they may be.
  10. We constantly look for ways of improving our service.
  11. We will try each year to help others less fortunate than ourselves for no reward other than a smile. Helping Others “Hat Foundation”

Sealed unit Failure.

Sometimes known as “misting”. Water between the panes of glass that cannot be cleaned.

Desiccant (Very often found in bags when buying cameras electronics etc).

When double glazed units are first made there is a substance called desiccant put inside the spacer bar that separates the two panes of glass. This is there solely for one reason, that is to dry out any moisture inside the unit when it is first made.
Once this has been achieved the desiccant has completed its job and is not used to dry out water that enters the unit at a later date, as many people think.

Double glazed unit breakdowns.

Units break down for a number of reasons.

1/ Poor manufacturing process, inferior or poor quality edge sealants.
Units should be manufactured to BS 5713: 1979 (1994) Specification for hermetically sealed flat double glazing units.
Particular care should be taken when replacing units that they comply with BS 6206: 1981 (1994) Specification for impact performance requirements for flat safety glass and safety plastics for use in buildings.
Windows that had been replaced after July 2002 must have an insulating glass to comply with new Part “L” regs.

2/ Incorrect drainage
Quite often I come up across units that have no drainage.
Others are drained inside and outside, but the drain holes do not meet up causing the water to sit in the bottom channel. This is a major cause of unit breakdown. If the unit constantly sits in water this is eroding the sealant and will reduce the life of the unit dramatically.
Older PVCu windows used to have far less drain holes than today. We very often add additional drain holes before refitting the units.

3/ Incorrect packing or incorrect packers.

The units should sit on packers to lift the unit of the bottom and therefore above the water that drains into the bottom channel.
Packers ideally should be at least 5mm. We prefer 7mm or more.
Packers used on the bottom should be bridging packers if they take up the full width of the bottom chamber. These have a slot through the centre to allow water to run through.
If your packers are 6mm or more short of the width of the bottom chamber, you can use normal packers if bridging packers are not available.

Replacement of double glazed units by Welsh Window Systems.

We do not simply take one unit out and replace with another as many companies do.

We replace units with new manufactured to BS- to BS 5713: 1979 (1994) and glaze to BS 6206: 1981 (1994) Specification for impact performance requirements for flat safety glass and safety plastics for use in buildings. We check for insulating glass and replace with this if needed.

We carefully check to see if there is drainage, if it is incorrect or insufficient we will drill new holes where needed.
We fit new packers if needed.
There is no extra charge for the above.
By carefully and professionally fitting your units we personally give a Five year warranty. This is a very realistic warranty and providing our manufacturer is still in business there can be a further Five year warranty with them.
Pleased do not be tempted by someone who just offer a ridiculous warranty as quite often
these guarantees can often be as much use as a “Chocolate fireguard”.

Written by Cavan A Sullivan, Managing Director

Repairs at a Queen Street phone retailer, 2007.
Repairs to Cardiff Airport’s control tower.
Repairs to Cardiff Airport’s control tower in 2008.
Repairs to glass at Cardiff Airport, 2008.
Repairs to sash windows at Pryce Jones in Newtown.
New opal polycarbonate sheets replaced to existing roof.

The existing polycarbonate was old and the sheets were slipping down.

The customer had blinds internally to hold back the sun but these however turn into a a fly trap.

Opal polycarbonate reduces the glare and heat making your conservatory a comfortable place to use on a hot sunny day.

Repairs to doors at Cardiff airport
Broken glass however intruders did not gain entry due to laminated glass being used which offers a good degree of securirty as well as being a safety glass
Glass replaced in above description
Our vans are renewed frequently and are always proffesionally signwritten.