Free Flow PVC curtains

Ideal for schools and nurseries

The importance of free flow between indoor and outdoor environments within schools and nurseries is being increasingly recognised.

Our free flow PVC curtains will allow you to see children clearly whilst they are outside. By installing this unique system, our free flow PVC Curtains are designed to keep the heat in over the winter period reducing your energy bills.

The PVC curtains also help prevent:

  • Noise and air pollution
  • Draughts
  • The outdoors from coming indoors i.e debris, rubbish & insects

No sharp edges – no risk of injury, even when strips are easily detached because unlike other PVC curtains that use stainless steel, our mounting rails are made from a high strength plastic.

For the curtain strips, a high quality, durable and non toxic PVC is used. It’s superior softer grade allows the strips to remain flexible even in colder temperatures unlike most alternatives and will not tangle