Repairs and FMCs   Facility Management Companies

We work for several Facility Management Companies.

These professionals need companies that offer a high level of service and skills.

We have repaired windows to Price Jones in Newtown mid Wales for one particular FMC who could not find anyone willing to undertake the repairs of box sash windows which were well over 100 years old. Also as a multi storey building, particular care had to be taken to the safety of both sets of employees.

We have carried out many repairs at Cardiff Wales Airport including repairs to the “NATS” tower where many windows required attention.
We have also replaced all the windows to the Air traffic Control Room. This large set of windows needed to be replaced at night when air traffic was at it lowest.

We have replaced all the windows to the new “Scrum Half Bar” at the airport where Anti-Bandit glass was used. These were all carried out through FMC’S.

We have carried out replacements and repairs to windows and doors at many local schools. Many of these doors have keypad or swipe systems and in many cases we work with Sonic Alarm Systems who are specialists in electronic entrance systems.
Sonic can be contacted on 02920-703720

We trust this company to keep our business and home secure and we highly recommend them.
We have even travelled to Solva West Wales where we replaced many double glazed units to existing windows and curtain walling. We also carried out many other repairs.

Domestic Market

However the majority of our work is still in the domestic market.

With the rise and fall of many companies large and small, many more customers are being left high and dry without there warranties.
A lot of these people in the local area rely on us to repair and service there windows and doors. A lot of our work is priced on a menu style with standard prices for the same job. Many of our prices are given freely over the phone and although subject to survey we are normally correct about the price most of the time. I f you have broken hinges or misted glass just give us a ring and in most cases I can give a price straight away.

Sealed unit Failure.

Sometimes known as “misting”. Water between the panes of glass that cannot be cleaned.

Desiccant (Very often found in bags when buying cameras electronics etc).

When double glazed units are first made there is a substance called desiccant put inside the spacer bar that separates the two panes of glass. This is there solely for one reason, that is to dry out any moisture inside the unit when it is first made.
Once this has been achieved the desiccant has completed its job and is not used to dry out water that enters the unit at a later date, as many people think.

Double glazed unit breakdowns.

Units break down for a number of reasons.

1/ Poor manufacturing process, inferior or poor quality edge sealants.
Units should be manufactured to BS 5713: 1979 (1994) Specification for hermetically sealed flat double glazing units.
Particular care should be taken when replacing units that they comply with       BS 6206: 1981 (1994) Specification for impact performance requirements for flat safety glass and safety plastics for use in buildings.
Windows that had been replaced after July 2002 must have an insulating glass to comply with new Part “L” regs.

2/ Incorrect drainage
Quite often I come up across units that have no drainage.
Others are drained inside and outside, but the drain holes do not meet up causing the water to sit in the bottom channel. This is a major cause of unit breakdown. If the unit constantly sits in water this is eroding the sealant and will reduce the life of the unit dramatically.
Older PVCu windows used to have far less drain holes than today. We very often add additional drain holes before refitting the units.

3/ Incorrect packing or incorrect packers.

The units should sit on packers to lift the unit of the bottom and therefore above the water that drains into the bottom channel.
Packers ideally should be at least 5mm. We prefer 7mm or more.
Packers used on the bottom should be bridging packers if they take up the full width of the bottom chamber. These have a slot through the centre to allow water to run through.
If your packers are 6mm or more short of the width of the bottom chamber, you can use normal packers if bridging packers are not available.

Replacement of double glazed units by Welsh Window Systems.

We do not simply take one unit out and replace with another as many companies do.

We replace units with new manufactured to BS- to BS 5713: 1979 (1994) and glaze to  BS 6206: 1981 (1994) Specification for impact performance requirements for flat safety glass and safety plastics for use in buildings. We check for insulating glass and replace with this if needed.

We carefully check to see if there is drainage, if it is incorrect or insufficient we will drill new holes where needed.
We fit new packers if needed.
There is no extra charge for the above.
By carefully and professionally fitting your units we personally give a Five year warranty. This is a very realistic warranty and providing our manufacturer is still in business there can be a further Five year warranty with them.
Pleased do not be tempted by someone who just offer a ridiculous warranty as quite often
these guarantees can often be as much use as a “Chocolate fireguard”.